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General information

The Language Learning Institute of the University of Wuppertal not only offers you a program of differentiated courses in German as a Foreign Language but will also give you optimal preparation for your future degree program. You will receive training that will help you make a successful start to your studies.


Deutsch plus is a program that prepares you for the "Deutsche Sprachprüfung für den Hochschulzugang" (DSH) in about 20 hours instruction per week, and for your degree program in an additional 6 hours per week.


The language courses prepare you for the DSH. When you have successfully completed our courses from A1 to B2, you will be allowed to take the DSH. The course content is geared towards this examination and thus towards a degree program at a university or institute of higher education.


You will find detailed information about the program Deutsch plus via this link:

Deutsch plus




Preparing for your studies

The part of Deutschkurs plus that prepares you for your studies is intended to make beginning your degree program easier. With this preparation behind you, you will be able to start your degree program with a clear view of what lies ahead.


This preparation consists essentially of a module “Introduction to academic work”


Depending on the subject you are going to study, you will attend one of the two following courses:


-          the natural science and engineering

-          economics

-          the humanities


The module includes projects on regional studies and on intercultural learning and also a compact seminar on “German History and Culture”, which will give you further insight into the country where you will be living and working in the immediate future.


What are the requirements of the program Deutsch plus?


Deutsch plus is a full-time preparatory course of study that you must attend from Monday to Friday each week. Classes (including the German language course) are from 8.15 a.m. until 1.30 p.m.


At the beginning of each semester there is, of course, an entry-level test, which ensures that you are put into the best language class for your needs.


If your entry level is below B1, you will start with only language classes. When you reach B2 level, you will attend Deutsch plus classes from the following semester.


When you have successfully completed Deutsch plus, you will receive:


-          a certificate for the language course leading to B2


-          a DHS certificate


-          written confirmation that you have participated in the Deutsch plus program with regular attendance


Depending on your previous knowledge of the language, you should plan between one and two semesters of German classes.


In your first semester you will attend the German classes A1 and A2; from the second semester on you will participate in Deutsch plus. Here you will attend the German classes B1 and B2 and also the courses preparing you for your degree program. If your previous knowledge of German means that your entry level is B1, then you begin with the courses for the second semester.


While you are attending classes in German and the Deutsch plus program, you are enrolled as a student of Wuppertal University and receive a student ID card and a regional public transport pass that is valid throughout North Rhine-Westphalia.


The course fees Beitragsübersicht.


The whole sum must be paid by the enrollment date, and after payment has been received, you will be admitted to the program of courses in German as a Foreign Language. The course fees cannot be refunded if you cancel your enrollment, leave before the end of the semester or do not appear at the university.


How do I apply? Organizational matters, dates and deadlines


Please apply to study at the University of Wuppertal in good time and send your application documents to Uni-ASSIST.